Our Services

turning & Milling

With modern CNC turning and multi operation machines, we are able to meet all demands made on the end product. Besides the machining of large and medium series, we are also specialized on the machining of small series and the fast production of individual parts and prototypes. We produce turned parts up to a maximum diameter of 900 mm and work in a milling area of 1.000 x 600 x 600. The required clamping fixtures for production are produced in our in-house fixture construction and thus precisely match production conditions. Please find more information about our machinery park here.


Our machinery park is equipped with two broaching machines and a wide range of broaching tools for the production of different interior profiles. This includes both standardized gears and notches as well as customized special profiles. We broach components from a wide range of materials, such as aluminium, copper, structural and stainless steel, synthetic and forgings. To ensure the accurate position of the profile relative to a defined component axes, we manufacture special tools for adjusting, tensioning and testing in our in-house fixture construction. 

Conductor production

We have a separate department with fully-qualified staff for the production of high voltage conductors. They handle pipes and both rods and profile rods made from aluminium and copper with a maximum length of 11 meters. The production process comprises sandblasting, copper injection and final processing with special stream amongst other features.

Copper Plating

Following careful preparation for surface treatment the appropriate area is roughened through a sandblasting process with corundum particles. A special wire made of electro-copper is melted in an acetylene-oxygen mixture and spread onto the component in form of spray mist with a thickness between 16 and 120 µm. Any excess copper is removed during final plastering of the component. The result is a partial surface application, improving the thermal and electrical conductivity

Pressure testing

For pressure and leakage testing with water, we have a separate department with TÜV certified staff. We test components of various forms and sizes with custom-made clamping devices for pressure of up to 30 bar. The components – made of raw material according to the ADW guideline and marked with material- and batch reference number – are tested by applying pressure with a pressure pump. Accordingly, defects in material structure or non-intact sealing surface can be identified.


We also have a separate department for the assembly of complex component units. Here we assemble individual components from in house production as well as purchased parts and take responsibility for on time provision of component units for final assembly by clients. Throughout the assembly process we conduct and document regular performance checks.

Jig & fixture design

From individual consulting, over planning to construction, we offer our clients comprehensive solutions. With 3D-CAD-CAM systems we thereby rely on state-of-the-art construction software. Our in-house tool and device construction is used both for prefabrication as well as for the production of individual parts and small batches. During the different stages of the production process we ensure close cooperation with the client. With construction, production and assembly in one location we are able to coordinate all processes in the most efficient manner and thereby guarantee lean logistics processes and competitive prices.


As full-service provider we take care of the organization of the entire ordering process, from incoming orders to final delivery. This not only includes relevant production processes but also procurement of semi-finished products and raw parts as well as arranging external services. With Kanban systems and consignment stock we guarantee 100% availability of components with a simultaneous reduction in stock. Upon request we deliver using our own transport fleet or alternatively organize delivery by haulage companies.

Furthermore, we offer the following services in close cooperation with selected partners and suppliers:

  • Varnishing
  • Silver coating
  • Anodising
  • Hard chromium plating
  • CED coating
  • Chemical nickel plating
  • Nickel plating
  • Centrifugal galvanizing
  • Hot-dip galvanizing
  • Galvanizing
  • High-gloss polishing
  • Powder coating
  • Surface hardening
  • Carbonitriding
  • Hardening
  • Annealing
  • Nitriding